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The Bottene PM35 is the ideal machine for restaurants with up to 50 covers. It is hardwearing and easy to use. The PM35 can be used to make a range of fresh pasta formats with any type of flour: soft wheat, durum wheat semolina, whole wheat, etc.


Pasta can be made either with or without eggs and in different colours: tomato or beetroot red, spinach green, cocoa brown, etc.


The PM35 is simple and easy to use as ingredients can be dosed as desired. With limited cost, you can offer your customers a menu of fresh, delicious and personalised artisan pasta.


Made from the highest quality materials, the PM35 is constructed of stainless steel.


Additional dies and accessories available – see separate die list and contact us for more information.


Optional Accessories:

  • Trays (wooden and food grade plastic)
  • Tray trollies
  • Stand available

PM 35

  • Product Code: PM35

    Dimensions (WxDxH): 40 x 56 x 54cm

    Loading KW: 0.55

    Flour Capacity Kg: 2.5

    Output Kg/hour: 8/9


    PM 35 is an artisan pasta making machine which is ideal for up to 50 cover restaurants.

  • 2 Years

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