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CuisinEquip is a supplier of some of the finest catering equipment on the market. From Italian artisan pasta-making machines from Bottene to LightFry, the only commercial air fryer on the market, our equipment offers a solution for chefs, and we are proud to support the kitchens of thousands of pubs, restaurants, hotels and foodservice operations nationwide.


With our strong core values of quality, consistency and reliability at the heart of our business, CuisinEquip specialises in supplying and distribution the latest professional catering equipment. We understand that authenticity is crucial on today’s restaurant menu – your customers demand traceability, seasonality and provenance. So, what better way to demonstrate a commitment to authentic foods, than with delicious, freshly made pasta? As a brand, Bottene has been making pasta machines in Italy for more than 140 years. After more than a century as Italy’s secret, the company began exporting its equipment around the world. Supplied by CuisinEquip in the UK, Bottene pasta extruders have achieved an international reputation for delivering the very best. From dedicated ravioli makers to multi-functional machines capable of over 70 different shapes, Bottene equipment can be found in some of our nation’s very best kitchens.

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At CuisinEquip, we are proud to supply a range of induction units from Austrian manufacturer, HWM. Having been manufacturing bespoke induction cooking equipment for more than 25 years, HWM is a family run business manufacturing kitchen equipment in Vorarlberg in Austria, using innovative Swiss technology that offers complete flexibility for any type of foodservice establishment. Designed for control and precision, HWM uses the best components including high quality stainless steel outer casing, square, round or multi-functional copper coils and various power outputs to suit bespoke requirements.


The most recent addition to the CuisinEquip portfolio comes in the form of LightFry, a professional air fryer that uses pioneering technology to consistently cook food using a process with up to 100% less oil. Using innovative technology and a combination of steam, hot air and rotation, LightFry cooks food with the same great taste, texture and consistency of traditionally fried foods. Offering the potential to achieve a healthier menu, that is better for the environment, LightFry is ideal for sites where traditional frying equipment simply cannot be used.

Finally, our range is completed by equipment from German-owned, Locher, a company with a well-deserved reputation for quality. With a long and impressive history, Locher has gone on to produce highly reliable food prep machines which have been designed to save time, money and energy. Perhaps best known for the company’s range of grills and salamanders, Locher appliances deliver performance and efficiency in abundance.

Our Team

Service & Support

By its very nature, catering equipment is expected to operate in some of the toughest conditions and through constant use yet deliver exacting results and strive for efficiency. That’s why all the equipment in our range is handpicked to match our high standards. Created using innovative techniques, built from the very best components, made from generations of experience and able to deliver for chefs and operators worldwide.


Experienced Team

Our highly experienced team are on hand, by phone, by email or in person, to support our customers and partners.


Factory-trained and with excellent relationships with the manufacturers themselves, the team can help with anything from diagnostics to menu development.


Comprehensive Warranties

While we’re confident that our equipment meets your needs, we also understand that occasionally problems can arise.


That’s why our equipment is backed by comprehensive parts and labour warranties.


Development Kitchen

Located at our head office in Reading, our Development Kitchen is the perfect space to get hands-on with our equipment portfolio. Working in conjunction with our culinary team, operators are welcome to use our kitchen to trial new equipment or to develop recipes before launching a new menu. Easy to access by road or rail, our site is open for all to use.

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