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The Bottene PM120 is a high capacity artisan pasta making machine for large kitchens and food manufacturing facilities.


Hard wearing and easy to use, it is indispensable for any operator looking to make a range of pasta shapes with any ingredient they like: durum wheat semolina, soft wheat, whole wheat, with or without eggs, with vegetable colourants.


With a double tank, the PM 120 allows for continuous cycle pasta making and thus large quantities of up to 50kg per hour. The PM 120 has a water cooling system in its extrusion pipe which enables a constant temperature to be maintained thus improving pasta quality.


Additional dies and accessories available – see separate die list and contact us for more information.



  • Trays (wooden and food grade plastic)
  • Tray trollies

PM 120

  • Product Code: PM120

    Dimensions (WxDxH): 60 x 83 x 145cm

    Loading KW: Mixer: 0.75. Extruder: 2.25

    Flour Capacity Kg: Mixer: 6. Extruder: 10

    Output Kg/hour: 50


    The Bottene PM120 is a large artisan pasta making machine for high footfall sites, manufacturers and food producers.

  • 2 Years

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