Comment from Steve Elliott, Valentine and Cuisinequip National Sales Manager

Chefs are using induction cooking for its rapid heating and precise controllability in a range of foodservice settings from Michelin starred restaurants to high street eateries.

Induction technology from Cuisinequip has been developed in Switzerland to do the following:

  • Speed up the heating and cooking process by just using the energy to heat the pan directly
  • Be very energy efficient when compared with traditional electric hotplates and gas burners
  • Provide precise heat control to cook food as efficiently as possible
  • Reduce residual heat, making the working kitchen environment more pleasant.

When it comes to accelerated cooking the needs of each foodservice outlet will vary widely so it is important that induction cooking solutions are flexible. Cuisinequip can offer complete bespoke induction cooking ranges as well as counter-top and free-standing systems with single and multiple hotplates, and even an induction wok option.

A recent installation from Cuisinequip involved working with chef Mark Kempson at the Michelin starred Kitchen W8 in London to introduce the rapid heating efficiency and additional benefits of induction.

Talking about the induction project at Kitchen W8, Mark Kempson comments, “In order to reduce heat, save on energy consumption and improve the efficiency of the kitchen, I decided a bespoke induction unit would be best. After much research into what was available on the market, I chose Cuisinequip as they were able to fulfill my wishes for the specification of unit.”

The induction cooking range installed at Kitchen W8 consists of two twin multifunction induction hobs, a deep pan griddle, a thermostatically controlled hot cupboard with hinged doors, and a hygienic pan rack. This fully welded construction is designed to give many years of service in a busy environment, and was manufactured in 304 grade stainless steel.

Cuisinequip has recently added new accelerated cooking induction technology systems to its range from German manufacturer Berner. The induction griddles and salamanders offer fast heating and precise control for frying and grilling.


The key benefits of the induction griddles from Cuisinequip are:

  • Fast heating to operational temperature
  • Stand-by mode for less busy periods with rapid recovery
  • Griddle plate is finished like non-stick to prevent the break-up of delicate foods such as fish
  • Less heat in the kitchen, more comfortable for those working in busy commercial kitchens.
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