(Published in Catering Insight, June 10, 2019)

Therefore Cuisinequip reveals why the Bottene brand is at the forefront of this increasing trend:

Thanks to professional chefs such as James Martin, Angela Hartnett and Jamie Oliver using professional pasta makers on TV and in restaurant settings, Cuisinequip – the UK supplier of Bottene pasta makers – has seen a real and sustained increase in their use.

One of the main advantages of using a Bottene machine is that the operator can totally control the ingredients used. Examples are gluten-free, egg-free with beetroot juice, spinach, eggs, squid ink, chestnut puree, and cocoa.

Cuisinequip sales director Steve Elliott explained: “Overall Bottene pasta machines stand out because of their quality build and simple, reliable design that makes them easy to use. They come in a range of models to suit foodservice operations of different sizes and each can use a range of interchangeable dies to produce a myriad of different fresh pasta shapes.

“The dies are made from bronze and this gives a textured finish to the pasta. The benefit of this is that sauces cling more easily giving a rustic experience for the diner unlike much of the dried pasta. We also supply some dies with a Teflon extrusion point and this will produce a smooth finish if desired.”

Bottene traces its roots back to 1805 and the Italian family behind the brand continues to innovate today. It introduced the first motorised pasta extruder in the 1950s and began expanding outside of its home market in the 1970s.

Elliott continued: “The Bottene range from Cuisinequip is extensive, right from the original Bigalaro hand extruder to the PM80 model that is suitable for 80 to 100 seat restaurants. There is also the BE90 ravioli maker that can produce diverse formats of ravioli. Core to the requirements of multiple site operations would be the Inver 3, PM50, Inver 7 and PM 80 models that are proven to work on diverse menus in 50 seat, 50-70 seat, 70-80 seat and 80-100 seat restaurants respectively.”

Cuisinequip supports dealers and end users from its base in Reading and carries a wide range of spare parts in the UK. Bottene machines come with a 2-year parts and labour warranty.

Elliott advised that there are a few elements which can help dealers to specify the right pasta maker for each site: “The machine size and output per hour is important to match up with the number of covers. Other factors such as the menu; is it solely pasta and what is the menu mix? If we were looking at providing a Bottene machine for a 200 seat solely pasta menu serving a 120g portion, we would recommend that they have a PM96, or two PM80 machines and an electric Ravioli machine. This would give them approximately 180kg of fresh pasta per day.

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